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Business Services

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses face not only growing IT needs but also the ever-increasing challenge of safeguarding their data and systems. At EndPoint Technology Services (EndPointTS), we understand that in this era, security is paramount. We're here to not only meet your expanding IT requirements but to fortify your business against cyber threats. Below, you'll find an array of services we offer, each designed with security at its core. To discover how we can bolster your company's defenses, reach out to us today.

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Solutions that work for your business

EndPointTS looks to get to you know your business so we can customize each solutions to the clients ask. 

  • We listen

  • We tailor your solution

  • We work with you to make it happen

End Point Devices

Desktop / Laptop / Mobile Devices

  • Procurement consulting​

    • Direct / 3rd Party​

  • Support​

    • Hardware​

      • Break Fix​

      • Upgrades

      • Custom Builds

    • Software​

      • Microsoft - Windows & Office​ & Applications

      • Apple - OS and applications

    • Installation​

      • Custom - Hidden cables, unique device or use​

      • Standard - Simple device connect

    • Lifecycle​

      • End of device support​

        • Safe data destruction​

        • Environmental safe disposal (Zero Landfill)


Everything you interact with is an End Point device: PC, Mac, Mobile, anything made for interaction (touch, hear, see) with an electronic device. We are here to help you with all of them and there life span in your company: Procurement, Implementation, Service\Maintenance, Lifecycle. Here are some of the many services we offer. Contact us if you have questions or the service you needed was not listed. 


The foundation of every business lies in its data connections and the services that bridge it to the world and clients. In today's digital landscape, safeguarding these connections is paramount. At EndPoint Technology Services (EndPointTS), we're your partners in fortifying these crucial links, whether they reside on-site or in the secure cloud. Our core areas of expertise are strategically designed to ensure the highest levels of data security. If you have unique requirements or if you're seeking robust security solutions that we haven't explicitly listed, don't hesitate to reach out – we thrive on tailoring security to your precise needs.


  • Networking - Wired &WiFi

    • Design​ - WiFi, HA, WAN

    • Procurement

    • Installation

    • Support

  • Servers & Services​

    • Physical and Virtual solutions

    • On-Site, Off-Site, Cloud

    • High availability options

  • Storage Solutions​

    • In Server, Attached or Networked​

      • NVMe/M.2/Spinning​

    • Lenovo, Dell, Synology, QNAP​

Empower your company

With over 20 years of IT and Audio\Video experience combined, we are here to help you with your visions, projects, and Maintaince/support. Contact us for how we can developed your business technology solutions today!

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  • Meeting Spaces

    • General Audio/Video - One or many display solutions​

    • Presentation Options - Various inputs and locations, wireless microphone

  • Hybrid Meeting Spaces​

    • Specialized in MS Teams rooms.​

    • Design, Install, Service & Support, Lifecycle, Decommission

    • Able to design kits for mass deployment\standardization

    • Custom one of a kind solutions - the wow factor!

  • Unique Spaces​

    • Auditoriums, Amphitheaters, Cooperate/business dinning and common spaces​

  • Digital Signage​

    • Indoor, Outdoor, Harsh environment​

    • Screen by screen to enterprise management options available

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